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VerfasserIn:European Trade Union Institute  
Publication history: 2009,02 -
Publisher: ETUI (Brussels)
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Contains these volumes

TitleVolume no.Year of Publication
Why central and eastern Europe needs a pay rise2017.012017
Unit labour costs2016.082016
What role can minimum wages play in overcoming the low-wage model in Central and Eastern Europe?2016.092016
The Court of Justice of the European Union and fixed-term workers2016.012016
Digitalisation of the economy and its impact on labour markets2016.022016
Work in the digital economy2016.032016
Labour market segmentation and the EU reform agenda2016.102016
The TTIP's impact2015,012015
Free movement of labour in Europe2015.062015
The public-private sector pay debate in Europe2015.082015
Eliminating occupational cancer in Europe and globally2015.102015
Trade union membership retention and workplace representation in Europe2014,102014
Why have some countries become more unemployed than others?2014,072014
Social dumping and the EU integration process2014,062014
Labour law reforms in Europe2014,022014
Reforming pensions in Europe2013,082013
Why trade unions seek to coordinate wages and collective bargaining in the Eurozone2011,032011
Sustaining or abandoning ‛social peace‛?2011,052011
Pensions after the financial and economic crisis2011,072011
Employee representation in corporate governance2011,082011
Financing social security - business as usual?2011,092011
The EU approach to regulating nanotechnology2010,052010
Not for bad weather2010,062010
The public sector in the crisis2010,072010
Paradigm shift2009,022009
Intra-EU labour migration2009,032009
European works councils: an assessment of their social welfare impact2009,042009
A quantum of solace? An assessment of fiscal stimulus packages by EU member states in response to the economic crisis2009,052009
Wage policy in Austria and the Netherlands under EMU2009,072009
Institutional survival and return: examples from the new pension orthodoxy2009,082009
Government and trade union responses to the economic crisis in the financial sector2009,092009
The EU and supplementary pensions2009,112009
Public/private mix in pensions in Europe2009,102009
After Lisbon - social Europe at the crossroads?2010,01n. A.
Following the 'organising model' of British unions? Organising non-standard workers in Germany and the Netherlands2010,02n. A.