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Contributions to economic analysis

Publication history: 1.1952 -
Publisher: North Holland Publ. Co. (Amsterdam [u.a.])
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Wirtschaftswissenschaften Schriftenreihe
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Contains these volumes

TitleVolume no.Year of Publication
The United States of Europe2922011
Islamic economics and finance2912011
Labour market contracts and institutions2181993
Explaining economic growth2141993
Problems of the mixed economy1891990
The structure of earnings and the measurement of income inequality in the U.S.1841989
The new institutional economics and development1831989
The political economy of social security1791989
Changing trade patterns in manufactured goods1761988
A Basic Needs Policy Model1751988
The agro-technological system towards 20001741988
World comparison of incomes, prices and product1731988
Macroeconomic modelling1721988
Explaining the growth of government1711988
A study of trade among developing countries1701988
Plans and disequilibria in centrally planned economies1591988
Productivity and U.S. economic growth1691987
Regional labour markets1681987
The computation and modelling of economic equilibria1671987
Economic shocks and structural adjustments1661987
A history of econometrics1651987
Macroeconomic medium-term models in the nordic countries1641987
Macroeconomics impacts of energy shocks1631987
Natural gas markets and contracts1611987
Filtering and control of macroeconomic systems1601987
The international monetary system and its reform31987
The international monetary system and its reform21987
The international monetary system and its reform11987
Industrial price formation1581986
Rivalrous consonance1571986
The perception of poverty1561986
Consumer durable choice and the demand for electricity1551985
Production, multi-sectoral growth and planning1541985
Stabilization policy in France and the Federal Republic of Germany1531985
Price expectations in rising inflation1521984
The economic analysis of the Japanese firm1511984
Essays in the economics of exhaustible resources1501984
Information systems for integrated regional planning1491984
Social insurance1481983
Global international economic models1471983
On the interaction between state and private sector1461983
Social choice and welfare1451983
Comparative tax studies1441983
Essays in the economics of renewable resources1431982
Workers and incentives1401982
Large-scale macro-econometric models1411981
Proceedings of the Econometric Society European Meeting 1979138.1981
Health, economics, and health economics1371981
Qualitative analysis and econometric estimation of continuous time dynamic models1361981
Contemporary political economy1351981
Non-price control1331981
The fix-point approach to interdependent systems1321981
Activity analysis and general equilibrium modelling1251981
Tax incidence1341980
Applied stochastic control in econometrics and management science1301980
Labor unions and the inequality of earned income1291980
Socioeconomic success1281980
Exhaustible resources, optimality, and trade1271980
Capital and the distribution of labor earnings1261980
Turnpike optimality in input-output systems1221980
MOIRA - model of international relations in agriculture1241979
Studies in the economics of search1231979
Modelling the international transmission mechanism1211979
Economic models of criminal behavior1181978
Modelling economic change1171978
Indirect management in a centrally planned economy1151978
Strategy and group choice1131978
Applications of the theory of production21978
The theory of production11978
International studies of the demand for energy1201977
New developments in the applications of Bayesian methods1191977
Education, economic growth and income distribution1121977
Macroeconomic policy in a developing country1091977
Growth patterns of the kibbutz economy1081977
Estimating electric power system marginal costs1071977
National monetary policies and international financial markets1041977
Latent variables in socio-economic models1031977
Applications of control theory to economic analysis1011977
A theory of the individual for economic analysis1 (1977)1977
The models of project link1021976
An annual growth model of the US economy1001976
Statistical inference in continuous time economic models991976
Rice and risk981976
The econometrics of structural change971976
Essays in modern capital theory951976
Advertising, competition and market conduct in oligopoly over time941976
Sources of inequality in earnings961975
Urban travel demand931975
The economics of the natural gas shortage921975
The theory of joint maximization911975
Production functions and aggregation901975
European economic integration891975
Studies in Bayesian econometrics and statistics861975
Mathematical planning of structural decisions451975
Essays on economic behavior under uncertainty881974
Population in economic growth851974
Inflation in developing countries841974
Analysis of development problems831973
Studies in economic planning over space and time821973
Optimal planning for economic stabilization811973
A consumption-savings model and its applications791973
The international linkage of national economic models781973
The economics of advertising801972
Nonlinear methods in econometrics771972
A general equilibrium analysis of protection761972
Production functions751972
Effects of industrial concentration741971
Spatial and temporal price and allocation models731971
Economies of scale and the form of the production function721971
Frontiers of quantitative economics711971
International trade theory and regional income differences701971
Planning investments with economies of scale691971
Planning import substitution681970
Economic consequences of a land reform in Brazil671970
Optimal patterns of location661970
Estimating the parameters of the Markov probability model from aggregate time series data651970
Optimal economic growth631970
American and british regional export determinants641969
Industry production behavior621969
A contribution to the general equilibrium theory of preferential trading611969
A structural model of the US balance of payments601969
The short-run demand for workers and hours591969
Production functions, foreign investment and growth581969
Individual welfare functions and consumer behavior571968
Financial capital flows in the U.S. balance of payments561968
Supply response in underdeveloped agriculture551968
Nonproduction workers in U.S. manufacturing541968
Economies of scale and technological change in thermal power generation531968
Business cycles and manufacturers' short-term production decisions521967
Economic analysis for health service efficiency511967
Dimensional analysis for economists501967
Unfilled orders and inventories491967
The economics of crude petroleum production481967
Fiscal policy models of the British economy471967
The demand for natural gas in the United States461967
Mathematical planning of structural decisions451967
A statistical model for the Greek economy 1949-1959441966
Commercial bank behavior and economic activity431966
The supply responses of African farmers411966
A production model for wheat and feedgrains in France (1946-1961)401966
Economic policyn. A.1966
Efficiency in location and inter-regional flows391965
The interstate highway system381965
Economic forecasts and policy151965
Linear aggregation of economic relations71965
Consumer discretionary behavior371964
Econometric model building361964
Economic choice of human and physical factors in production351964
The economics of human resources341963
A study of cost and demand inflation331963
Capital stock growth321963
An international comparison of factor costs and factor use311963
Recursive programming and production response301963
Approaches to dynamic investment planning291963
Concentration in international trade281962
A study in econometrics271962
A priori information and time series analysis261962
Family composition and consumption251962
Canadian-American dependence241961
Foreign trade credits and exchange reserves231961
Demographic factors and savings221961
A multi-sectoral study of economic growth211960
Theory and policy of accounting prices201960
Impact multipliers and dynamic properties of the Klein-Goldberger model191959
The logic of investment planning181959
A time series analysis of interindustry demands171959
Planning in Norway161959
Economic forecasts and policy151958
Allocation in Space141958
Demand for automobiles in the United States131957
A short term planning model for india121956
The United States capital position and the structure of its foreign trade111956
Economic policy101956
An econometric model of the United States 1929 - 195291955
Two postwar recoveries of the German economy81955
Linear aggregation of economic relations71954
Centralization and decentralization in economic policy61954
Price-determining factors in American tobacco markets51954
Distributed lags and investment analysis41954
A study in the theory of economic evolution31954
The propensity to monopolize21952
On the theory of economic policy11952
Systems under indirect observation139n. A.
Economics of shortage131n. A.
Production economics: a dual approach to theory and applications...n. A.
A theory of the individual for economic analysis...n. A.
The international monetary system and its reform...n. A.