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WIIW working papers

VerfasserIn:Wiener Institut für Internationale Wirtschaftsvergleiche  
Publication history: No. 19.2001; 21.2002 -
Publisher: Wiener Inst. für Internat. Wirtschaftsvergleiche (Wien)
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Contains these volumes

TitleVolume no.Year of Publication
The impact of labour market institutions and capital accumulation on unemployment164April 2019
Testing the smile curve163February 2019
Dynamic interactions between financial and macroeconomic imbalances162February 2019
Dying light: war and trade of the separatist-controlled areas of Ukraine161January 2019
How do technical barriers to trade affect foreign direct investment?160January 2019
Eco-innovation: drivers, barriers and effects - a European perspective159December 2018
Immigration and innovation158December 2018
Measuring economic openness157December 2018
Immigration and offshoring156November 2018
Factors driving wealth inequality in European countries155November 2018
The relative impact of different forces of globalisation on wage inequality154November 2018
Avoiding and escaping the "commodity trap" in development153November 2018
Inheritance tax regimes152November 2018
Is Austria's economy locked-in in the CESEE region?151October 2018
Eurasian economic integration150September 2018
What explains Austria's export market performance?149September 2018
Trade policies and integration of the Western Balkans148May 2018
The dynamic effects of fiscal consolidation episodes on income inequality147April 2018
The impact of Chinese technical barriers to trade on its manufacturing imports146March 2018
Financial cycles around the world145March 2018
Corporatism and the labour income share144March 2018
Structural change in times of increasing openness143March 2018
Cohesion policy meets heterogeneous firms142March 2018
Migration and FDI flows141March 2018
Financial cycles in credit, housing and capital markets140December 2017
Trade in services versus trade in manufactures139December 2017
Global value chains and structural upgrading138November 2017
Can't keep up with the Joneses: how relative deprivation pushes internal migration in Austria137September 2017
Is Europe disintegrating?136September 2017
EU trade regulations and imports of hygienic poultry135April 2017
Tradability of output and the current account134January 2017
Financial supply index and financial supply cycles in new EU member states133December 2016
Import demand elasticities revisited132November 2016
Has trade been driving global economic growth?131October 2016
Did fiscal consolidation cause the double-dip recession in the Euro area?130October 2016
Estimating importer-specific ad valorem equivalents of non-tariff measures129September 2016
Development of public spending structures in the EU member states128August 2016
Structural change and global value chains in the EU127July 2016
Government policies and financial crises126Mai 2016
The role of financial constraints for different innovation strategies125April 2016
Choosing the right partner124March 2016
Changing patterns in M&E-investment-based innovation strategies in CESEE and FSU countries123February 2016
Drivers of wealth inequality in Euro-area countries122January 2016
State aid and export competitiveness in the EU1062013
Importing, productivity and absorptive capacity in Sub-Saharan African manufacturing firms1052013
The steadiness of migration plans and expected length of stay1042013
Do I stay because I am happy or am I happy because I stay?1032013
On the trade and price effects of preferential trade agreements1022013
Accounting relations in bilateral value added trade1012013
Kalecki's profit equation after 80 years1002013
Foreign ownership and labour markets in Sub-Saharan African firms992013
Importing, exporting and the productivity of services firms in Sub-Saharan Africa982013
Outward foreign direct investment, exporting and firm-level performance in Sub-Saharan Africa972013
Importing, exporting and performance in Sub-Saharan African manufacturing firms962013
R&D and Non-R&D innovators in the financial crisis952013
Whither Panama?942013
The determinants of income polarization on the household and country level across the EU932012
Crossing industry borders: German manufacturers as services exporters922012
The gravity of cross-border R&D expenditure912012
Offshoring and the elasticity of labour demand902012
Manufacturing productivity892012
Intellectual property rights, innovation and technology transfer882012
On the volume and variety of intra-bloc trade in an expanding European Union872012
Offshoring and the skill structure of labour demand862012
Measuring the effects of trade liberalization in Kosovo852012
Labour hoarding during the crisis842012
Bilateral exchange rates and jobs832012
Import prices, income, and inequality822012
Trade in value added and the valued added in trade812012
Value added and factors in trade802012
International spillovers in a world of technology clubs792012
Access to finance and composition of funding during the crisis782012
Reallocation gains in a specific factors model with firm heterogeneity772011
The impact of customs procedures on business performance762011
Need for speed752011
Subgroup and shapley value decompositions of multidimensional inequality742011
Do exporters share part of their rents with their employees?732011
Change begets change722011
Inequality, growth and public spending in Central, East and Southeast Europe712010
The impact of preferential trade agreements on the margins of international trade702010
Discrepancies between purchasing power parities and exchange rates under the law of one price692010
An empirical characterization of redistribution shocks and output dynamics682010
Austrian exporters672010
Tourism and economic development662010
A contribution to the theory of financial fragility and crisis652010
Why are goods cheaper in rich countries?642010
The government expenditure multiplier and its estimates for Poland in 2006 - 2009632010
The implications of financial asset and housing markets on profit- and wage-led growth622010
Preferential trade agreements and the structure of international trade612010
Services trade and policy602009
Trade in services592009
The importance of labour mobility for spillovers across industries582009
The determinants of economic growth in European regions572009
Trade integration, outsourcing and employment in Austria562009
Catching growth determinants with the adaptive lasso552009
The determinants of regional economic growth by quantile542009
Trade in services and trade in goods532009
Dynamic factor price equalization and international convergence522009
Effects of high-tech capital, FDI and outscourcing on demand for skills in West and East512009
Cross-border trade and FDI in services502009
Real convergence and inflation: long-term tendency vs. short-term performance492008
The role of public policy in closing foreign direct investment gaps482008
Sectoral productivity, density and agglomeration in the wider Europe472008
Skill diffusion by temporary migration?462008
Do increased private saving rates spur economic growth?452007
Globalization and its impact on labour442007
The sector bias of skill-biased technical change and the rising skill premium in transition economies432007
On the dynamics of profit- and wage-led growth422007
Goodwin's structural economic dynamics412006
What explains tax evasion?402006
An alternative formulation of the Devereux-Griffith effective average tax rates for international investment392006
Good or bad?382006
Rags in the high rent district372006
Modelling GDP in CEECs using smooth transitions362005
Sectoral productivity, demand, and terms of trade342005
Macroeconomics versus "common sense"332004
Determinants of industrial location patterns in CEECs322004
Income distribution, technical change and the dynamics of international economic integration312004
Dimensions of quality upgrading in CEECs292004
Assessing the demand for food in Europe by the year 2010282004
Modelling international economic integration272004
Global growth processes: technology diffusion, catching-up and effective demand262004