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Proceedings of the 5th Vienna Workshop on International Constitutional Law
Involved: Binder, Christina
Year: 2010
Publisher: Nomos, Facultas.WUV ([Baden-Baden])
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A constitutional analysis
Year: 2014
Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press (Cambridge [u.a.])
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Involved: Boudin, Louis B.
Year: 1911
Publisher: Ginn (Boston)
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A new constitution for Britain
Year: 1993
Publisher: Hutchinson (London u.a.)
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Introductory essays and selected cases
Year: 1968
Publisher: Prentice-Hall (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)
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Involved: Schwartz, Bernard
Year: 1955
Publisher: University Press (Cambridge)
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Year: [1949]
Publisher: The Department of State ([Washington])
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Year: 1954
Publisher: Littlefield, Adams & Co. (Ames, Iowa)
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Year: 2011
Publisher: Manz (Wien)
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= The future of the constitutional welfare state in Europe = L'avenir de l'état de droit social en Europe
Volume Band 10 from SIPE
Year: [2015]
Publisher: Nomos (Baden-Baden)
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