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Volume 18719
Involved: Emcke, Carolin
Year: 2013
Publisher: Fischer-Taschenbuch (Frankfurt am Main)
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And other essays on Greek love
Involved: Halperin, David M.
Year: 1990
Publisher: Routledge (New York, NY [u.a.])
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A handbook
Involved: Diamant, Louis
Year: 1995
Publisher: Greenwood Press (Westport, Conn. [u.a.])
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Heterosexualität, Homosexualität, Transgenderismus und Paraphilien, sexueller Missbrauch, sexuelle Gewalt
Involved: Fiedler, Peter
Year: 2004
Publisher: Beltz, PVU (Weinheim [u.a.])
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German genealogies with and beyond Foucault
Volume 5 from Spektrum
Involved: Spector, Scott
Year: 2012
Publisher: Berghahn Books (New York)
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The documents of sexual science
Year: 1998
Publisher: Polity Press (Cambridge [u.a.])
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Queere kulturelle Politiken im Neoliberalismus
Involved: Engel, Antke
Year: 2009
Publisher: Transcript-Verl. (Bielefeld)
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The new sexual revolution and the future of American politics
Involved: Herzog, Dagmar
Year: 2008
Publisher: Basic Books (New York, NY)
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Homosexuelle Männer in der DDR
Year: 1994
Publisher: Links (Berlin)
Link(s): 04 93
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Sexuality, pedagogy and popular culture
Involved: Epstein, Debbie
Year: 1999
Publisher: Cassell (London [u.a.])
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