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How gay culture is changing the world
Year: [2018]
Publisher: <> MIT Press (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
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Brazil, Guatemala, the Philippines, and the United States
Year: 1986
Publisher: Praeger (New York [u.a.])
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Queer politics, queer theories
Involved: Phelan, Shane
Year: 1997
Publisher: Routledge (New York. NY [u.a.])
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Sexual orientation and the social constructionist controversy
Involved: Stein, Edward
Year: 1992
Publisher: Routledge (New York [u.a.])
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Homosexuelle Männer in der DDR
Year: 1994
Publisher: Links (Berlin)
Link(s): 04 93
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Betriebswirtschaftliche und sozialpsychologische Aspekte der Diversity-Dimension "sexuelle Orientierung"
Involved: Köllen, Thomas
Year: 2010
Publisher: Hampp (München [u.a.])
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A reader
Involved: Jacobsen, Joyce P.
Year: 2008
Publisher: Routledge (London [u.a.])
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