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Sozialgeschichte des Asylrechts in Europa
Year: 2016
Publisher: zu Klampen (Springe)
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Vorlesungen zum eindimensionalen Menschen : Paris, Vincennes 1974
Year: [2017]
Publisher: zuKlampen! (Springe)
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Child sex tourism and the role of extraterritorial legislation
Involved: Seabrook, Jeremy
Year: 2000
Publisher: Zed Books [u.a.] (London [u.a.])
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Involved: Judt, Tony
Year: 2010
Publisher: Penguin Press (New York, NY [u.a.])
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Nazi interpretations of Western culture
Involved: Dennis, David B.
Year: 2012
Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press (Cambridge [u.a.])
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Health, hygiene, and living standards, 1943-1953
Involved: Filtzer, Donald A.
Year: 2010
Publisher: Cambridge University Press (Cambridge)
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