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Federal policies for education for the disadvantaged
Involved: OECD
Year: 1981
Publisher: OECD (Paris)
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A brief history
Year: 1952
Publisher: League for Industrial Democracy (New York)
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Its amount and distribution 1909-1919
Year: 1922
Publisher: National Bureau of Economic Research (New York)
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Historical articles on women's lives and activities
Involved: Cott, Nancy F.
Year: 1992
Publisher: Saur (Munich [u.a.])
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A study in consumer durables
Involved: Chow, Gregory C.
Year: 1957
Publisher: North-Holland (Amsterdam)
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A sociological perspective from the 19th century to the present
Involved: Marron, Donncha
Year: 2009
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan (Basingstoke)
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Year: 1949
Publisher: Wilson (New York)
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Year: 1949
Publisher: Plant Reproduction Service (Philadelphia, Pa)
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Volume 104 from Princeton paperbacks
Involved: Bell, Daniel
Year: 1967
Publisher: Princeton Univ. Pr. (Princeton, NJ)
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Involved: Carlson, Valdemar
Year: 1962
Publisher: McGraw-Hill (New York u.a.)
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Year: 1955-1965, Nachgew. 1939/53(1955); 1946/65
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Year: 1924
Publisher: Appleton (New York)
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Year: [ohne Jahresangabe]
Publisher: United States Information Service ([New York])
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Readings in the problem area of wealth
Involved: Pentony, DeVere E.
Year: 1960
Publisher: Chandler (San Francisco, Calif.)
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