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Eine Geschichte der Linken und Arbeiterbewegung in der Türkei
Year: Oktober 2018
Publisher: Die Buchmacherei (Berlin)
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The history of the Left in Europe, 1850-2000
Involved: Eley, Geoff
Year: 2002
Publisher: Oxford University Press (Oxford [u.a.])
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Eine Flugschrift
Involved: Harvey, David
Year: 2012
Publisher: VSA-Verl. (Hamburg)
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Political history and the crises of radicalism
Year: 2014
Publisher: Bloomsbury (New York [u.a.])
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Volume O:1 from World university library
Involved: Caute, David
Year: 1966
Publisher: Weidenfeld and Nicolson (London)
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Strategie und Taktik der proletarischen Linken
Volume 34 from Politik
Year: 1972
Publisher: Wagenbach (Berlin)
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Studies in labour and politics in France ; 1830 - 1981
Involved: Judt, Tony
Year: 1986
Publisher: Clarendon Pr. (Oxford)
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Involved: Liebman, Arthur
Year: 1979
Publisher: Wiley (New York, NY [u.a.])
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