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A history of the California labor movement
Involved: Glass, Fred
Year: [2016]
Publisher: University of California Press (Oakland, California)
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African American agency, West African intellectuals and the International Trade Union Committee of Negro workers
Involved: Weiss, Holger
Year: 2014
Publisher: Brill (Leiden [u.a.])
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New perspectives in nineteenth and twentieth century British labour history
Involved: Baldwin, Anne
Year: 2012
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publ. (Newcastle upon Tyne)
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Challenging global corporate power in the 21st century
Year: 2015
Publisher: Lang (New York, NY)
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How labor movements changed New York
Involved: Freeman, Joshua B.
Year: 2019
Publisher: Museum of the City of New York, Columbia University Press (New York)
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Taboo, violence and punishment in labour disputes in Britain, 1760-1871
Involved: Linehan, Thomas
Year: 2018
Publisher: Routledge (London)
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Class struggle in colonial Australia
Involved: O'Lincoln, Tom
Year: 2005
Publisher: Red Rag Publications [u.a.] (Carlton North, Vic.)
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Economic crisis and political change
Involved: Kesselman, Mark
Year: 1984
Publisher: Allen & Unwin (London [u.a.])
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Essays on labor and culture
Volume 3 from Labor in America
Involved: Buhle, Paul
Year: 1997
Publisher: Garland (New York [u.a.])
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The fight for a new American labor movement
Year: 2009
Publisher: Univ. of Illinois Press (Urbana [u.a.])
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Year: ©2006
Publisher: Optimum Releasing ([S.l.])
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Aspects of the workers' struggle at home and abroad
Year: 1935
Publisher: ALP Committee (New York)
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The story of class violence in America
Involved: Adamic, Louis
Year: c 2008
Publisher: AK Press (Oakland, Calif. [u.a.])
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Involved: Geffken, Rolf
Year: 2006
Publisher: ETUI-REHS (Brussels)
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