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National and international perspectives
Year: 2010
Publisher: Merlin (Pontypool)
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Takano Fusatarō and the Rōdō Kumiai Kiseikai
Year: 1989
Publisher: Univ. of Hawaii Pr. (Honolulu)
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Workers' theatre and the American labor movement
Involved: Hyman, Colette A.
Year: 1997
Publisher: Temple Univ. Press (Philadelphia)
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Studies in labour and politics in France ; 1830 - 1981
Involved: Judt, Tony
Year: 1986
Publisher: Clarendon Pr. (Oxford)
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= Fremdsprachige Literatur über die nordischen Arbeiterbewegungen
Year: 1992
Publisher: Arbejderbevaegelsens Bibliotek og Arkiv (København)
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American workers from the revolution to the present
Involved: Buhle, Paul
Year: 1985
Publisher: Univ. of Illinois Press (Urbana, Ill. [u.a.])
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Spain, France, Germany and the United States
Involved: Lieberman, Sima
Year: 1986
Publisher: Praeger (New York [u.a.])
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