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1880 - 1914
Involved: Klaus, H. Gustav
Year: 1987
Publisher: Harvester Wheatsheaf [u.a.] (New York, NY [u.a.])
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Back to nature, back to the land, and socialism in Britain, 1880 - 1900
Involved: Gould, Peter C.
Year: 1988
Publisher: Harvester Press (Brighton)
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The struggle for a new consciousness
Involved: Pierson, Stanley
Year: 1973
Publisher: Cornell Univ. Press (Ithaca, NY [u.a.])
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Involved: Pimlott, Ben
Year: 1986
Publisher: Allen & Unwin (London [u.a.])
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Year: 1970
Publisher: Hoffmann u. Campe (Hamburg)
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The Labour Party and qualities of mind and character, 1931 to the present
Involved: Nuttall, Jeremy
Year: 2006
Publisher: Manchester University Press (Manchester)
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Further studies in the history of labour
Involved: Hobsbawm, Eric J.
Year: 1984
Publisher: Weidenfeld and Nicolson (London)
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Involved: Callaghan, John
Year: 1990
Publisher: Blackwell (Oxford [u.a.])
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Ein Überblick über die neuere Entwicklung der sozialistischen Theorien und über die Probleme der Industrieverfassung in England
Year: 1921
Publisher: <> Fischer (Jena)
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Year: 1924
Publisher: Verl. für Literatur und Politik (Wien)
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Socialists, Liberals and the Quest for Unity, 1884-1939
Involved: Blaazer, David
Year: 1992
Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press (Cambridge [u.a.])
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Socialist thought from the 1880s to 1960s
Involved: Wright, Anthony
Year: 1983
Publisher: Longman (London [u.a.])
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Political economies for the working class, 1775 - 1850
Involved: Thompson, Noel W.
Year: 1998
Publisher: Pluto Press (London [u.a.])
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Involved: Fairclough, Norman
Year: 2000
Publisher: Routledge (London [u.a.])
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Socialist landmark ; a new appreciation written for the labour party ; together with the original text and prefaces
Year: 1948
Publisher: George Allen and Unwin (London)
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Involved: Bevir, Mark
Year: 2011
Publisher: Princeton Univ. Press (Princeton, N.J. [u.a.])
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Studies by a group of Fabians
Year: 1946
Publisher: Gollancz (London)
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