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= L'économie du privilège, Europe occidentale XVIᵉ-XIXᵉ siècles
Involved: Garner, Guillaume
Year: [2016]
Publisher: Vittorio Klostermann (Frankfurt am Main)
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= Les évacuations dans l‘Europe des guerres mondiales
Involved: Lemmes, Fabian
Year: 2014
Publisher: Metropol (Berlin)
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= The future of the constitutional welfare state in Europe = L'avenir de l'état de droit social en Europe
Volume Band 10 from SIPE
Year: [2015]
Publisher: Nomos (Baden-Baden)
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Une étude comparée des manuels scolaires en Europe
Volume 131 from Eckert. Die Schriftenreihe
Year: 2012
Publisher: V & R Unipress (Göttingen)
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Year: [August 2018]
Publisher: Council of Europe (Strasbourg Cedex)
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1922 - 1945 = Antifaschistischer Widerstand in Europa
Year: 2015
Publisher: Husson, PapyRossa-Verl. (Bruxelles)
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Seventy years of migration in Europe, from Europe, to Europe [1945-2015]
Year: 2017
Publisher: Nomos (Baden-Baden)
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Soutien européen à la resistance algérienne, 1954 - 1963
Year: 2013
Publisher: Éd. Barkat (Alger)
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Involved: Berl, Emmanuel
Publisher: Gallimard ([Paris])
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4e-11e siecle
Volume Sect. 2,6,1 = Vol. 43
Involved: Latouche, Robert
Year: 1956
Publisher: Michel (Paris)
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Une enquête
Year: 1983
Publisher: Presses Univ. de France (Paris)
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= Occupational health and safety aspects in standards governing construction products and their uses
Volume 36 from KAN-Bericht
Year: 2006
Publisher: VFA (Sankt Augustin)
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= Statistical trends in transport
Year: 1986-1995, 1965/83(1986) - 1965/90(1995)
Publisher: Service des Publications de l'OCDE (Paris)
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= Rapport statistique sur les accidents de la route
Year: 1998-, 1993/94(1998) -
Publisher: OECD (Paris)
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Paradoxes et dilemmes de la social-démocratie
Involved: Telò, Mario
Year: 1993
Publisher: Bruylant (Bruxelles)
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(Norvège, Pays-Bas, Yougoslavie, Pologne, U.R.S.S.)
Year: 1962
Publisher: Giappichelli [u.a.] (Torino [u.a.])
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Involved: Launay, Michel
Year: 1990
Publisher: Impr. Nationale (Paris)
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La Pologne sur l'Oder
Year: 1965
Publisher: Pedone (Paris)
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