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Conditions of child health stricken by cerebral palsy in Family Health Strategy

Published in:Revista de Pesquisa: Cuidado é Fundamental Online
Creators:Moura, Maria Eliete Batista
Abreu, Benedita Andrade Leal de
Brito, Elyrose de Sousa
VerfasserIn:Xavier, Christiane Lopes
Year of Publication: 2014
Language: English
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Further titles: Condições de saúde da criança acometida por paralisia cerebral na Estratégia Saúde da Família
Publication Type: Article, Chapter, etc., Electronic
Objective: To investigate the child's health condition with cerebral palsy accompanied in the Family Health Strategy. Method: Descriptive, exploratory and cross-sectional study, conducted with 13 children 1-12 years old. Through home visits investigating socioeconomic and health conditions, physical examination, vital signs, pneumofuncional evaluation and testing of the gross motor function classification system. Results: The majority of children a family income of up to 2 minimum wages, are benefited by the National Institute of Social Security, use the services of the National Health System also submitted respiratory function unchanged, growth putting structural suitable for age, prevalence of quadriparesia spastic, use of anticonvulsant medication, respiratory problems last year as influenza and pneumonia. Conclusion: It was observed that the higher the motor impairment developed more comorbidities. Children with cerebral palsy accompanied by the Family Health Program in Teresina, PI, are in proper health.