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Muddle or march: China and the 21st century Concert of Powers

Published in:Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional
VerfasserIn:Weizhun Mao
Year of Publication: 2014-01-01
Publisher: Instituto Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais
Language: English
Online Access: DOAJ
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Concert of Powers has emerged as an attractive modality in global governance. As an emerging power, China must seriously take this template into account. This article seeks to analyze the incentives, possibilities, and uncertainties for China to participate in Concert with reference to China's history memory on Concert, China's intellectual endeavors, as well as China's evolving foreign preferences. It concludes that China is generally qualified and capable of being a key participant in Concert of Powers with increasing willingness. Yet, China's involvement depends on 1) if Concert template can overcome its own deficiencies; 2) if Concert have competitive advantages compared with other governance alternatives for China; and 3) if China can keep its momentum on both willingness and capacity in power transition.