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Seminar paper / Institute for International Economic Studies, University of Stockholm

VerfasserIn:Institutet för Internationell Ekonomi  
Publication history: Nachgewiesen Nr. 13.1972 -
Place of Publication: Stockholm
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Contains these volumes

TitleVolume no.Year of Publication
Macroeconomic policy, wage setting and employment6571998
Unemployment, labour-market reform and monetary union6391998
IQ, social mobility and growth6351998
Intergenerational risk sharing, stability and optimality of alternative pension systems6311997
Political economics and macroeconomic policy6301997
Can labour supply explain the rise in unemployment and inter-group wage inequality in the OECD?6291997
The division of labor within firms6281997
Full employment and the welfare state6171996
The West European employment problem6161996
Economic structure and the decision to adopt a common currency6111996
Optimal actuarial fairness in pension systems6091996
Segmented labor markets and unemployment4831990
The Swedish experience4821990
"X"-inefficiency and international competition4801990
The politics of 19924761990
Swedish business cycles4731990
Discrimination and open unemployment in a segmented labour market4601990
Exchange rate policy, inflation, and unemployment4591990
India, the multi-fibre arrangement and the Uruguay Round4581989
Target zones and interest rate variability4571989
Asset prices and interest rates in cash-in-advance models4561989
A model of nominal contracts4551989
Unemployment, slowly declining wages, and depressed investments4541989
How to cut the textile knot4531989
Protection facing exports from Sub-Saharan Africa in the EEC, Japan and the US4521989
Changing tax bases in a model of endogenous tax reform4511989
How serious is the neglect of intra-household inequality?4501989
Effects of the MFA on developing countries' trade4491989
Unrevelling the threats of the MFA4481989
Wage formation and macroeconomic policy in the Nordic countries4471989
Unemployment and labor market imperfection4461989
A new self-enforcement criterion for extensive-form games4451989
Estimating demand and oligopoly pricing for differentiated products with multiple characteristics4441989
A simple, consistent estimator for disturbance components in financial models4431989
Does debt management matter?4421989
Identifying the competition4411989
Large industrial enterprises in Soviet-type economies4401989
Demand- and supply-side policies and unemployment4391989
Wage drift in Norway4381989
Wage setting in Norway4371989
Wage setting in Finland4361989
Wage formation in a unionized economy with two groups of workers4351989
Relative wage flexibility in four countries4341989
Interpersonal consistency of beliefs in extensive-form games4331989
Adverse selection in credit markets and infant industry protection4321989
Strategic trade policies in the market for 30 - 40 seat commuter aircraft4311989
Wage setting in Sweden4301989
Macroeconomic policy and insider power4291989
Rent-seeking and price-distorting policies in rich and poor countries4281989
Time consistency of fiscal and monetary policy4271989
Political equilibrium in representative democracy4261989
The transient nature of "new" protectionism4251988
Remaining puzzles and neglected issues in macroeconomics4241988
Portfolio choice with non-expected utility in continuous time4231988
Temporary equilibrium4221988
Undernutrition in Sub-Saharan Afrika4211988
Asset markets, tax arbitrage, and the redistributive properties of progressive income taxation4201988
Wage bargaining and wage drift4191988
Inter-industry wage structure and the power of incumbent workers4181988
Portfolio choice and asset pricing with nontraded assets4171988
A model of nutrition, health and economic productivity4161988
Wage formation in Denmark4141988
East European economies: forced adjustment forever?4131988
Market shares and pricing behavior in the tradeables industry4121988
Sovereign debt4111988
Bilateral monopolies and incentives for merger4101988
The export performance of Sub-Saharan Africa 1970 - 19854091988
Fiscal policies and the stock market4081988
Individual freedom and welfare state policy3891987
Involuntary unemployment and aggregate demand spillovers in an optimal search model3661986
Union activity and wage-employment movements3611986
Efficiency wages versus insiders and outsiders3601986