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Bulletin / US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

VerfasserIn:USA, Bureau of Labor Statistics  
Publication history: 112.1913 - 647.1939; 648.1941 -
Publisher: US Gov.Print.Off. (Washington, DC)
AK subjects: Arbeitsbeziehungen, Zeitschriften
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Contains these volumes

TitleVolume no.Year of Publication
Impact of federal pollution control and abatement expenditures on manpower requirements18361975
Brief history of the American labor movement10001970
Brief history of the American labor movement10001964
Occupational Wage Survey, Washington, D.C.-MD.-VA.1345/161963
Health and insurance plans under collective bargaining12741960
Impact on workers and community of a plant shutdown in a depressed area12641960
Reason for trusteeship12631959
Trends in output per man-hour in the private economy12491959
Digest of one-hundred selected pension plans under collective bargaining, winter 1957-195812321958
Digest of one-hundred selected pension plans under collective bargaining, winter 1957-5812321958
A guide to labor-management relations in the United States12251958
Paid vacation provisions in major union contracts11191958
Job performance and age12031956
Collective bargaining clauses12011956
Automatic technology and its implications11981956
Wages and related benefits11881956
Structure of the AFL-CIO1185a1956
Health, insurance, and pension plans in union contracts11871955
Average Retail Prices11821955
Factory workers' earnings11791955
Wage differences and establishment practices11731955
Employment outlook in social sciences11671954
Wages and related benefits11571954
Workmen's compensation in the United States11491954
American labor and the American spirit11451954
Scientific Research and development in American industry11481953
Occupational wage survey, Trenton, New Jersey March 195211041953
Family Income, expenditures, and savings in 195010971953
Occupational Wage Survey, Cleveland, Ohio1345/141952
Negroes in the United States11191952
Injuries and accident causes in carpentry operations11181952
Occupational wage survey, Los Angeles, California January 195210941952
Employment and economic status of older men and women10921952
Occupational wage survey, Indianapolis, Indiana December 195110751952
Occupational wage survey, Salt Lake City, Utah December 195110691952
Collective bargaining in the meat-packing industry10631952
Retail prices of food, 195010551952
Labor-managementn. A.1952
Occupational wage survey, Portland, Oregon June 195110421951
Occupational wage survey, Dayton, Ohio June 195110411951
Interim adjustment of consumers' price index10391951
Analysis of work stoppages during 195010351951
Occupational wage survey, Chicago, Illinois April 195110341951
Occupational wage Survey, Atlanta, Georgia March 195110311951
Occupational wage Survey, Denver, Colorado January 195110291951
Occupational Wage Survey, San Francisco-Oakland, California10281951
Elements of Soviet labor law10261951
Work injuries in the United States during 194910251951
Organization and management of consumers' cooperatives10241951
Employment outlook in department stores1020[1951]
Wage structure motor vehicles and parts, 195010151951
Occupational wage survey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 195010081951
Retail prices of food 194910321950
Employment outlook in men's tailored clothing industry10101950
Problems and Policies of Dispute Settlement and Wage Stabilization During World War II10091950
Hourly earnings by insdustry selected wage areas10051950
Work injuries in construction10041950
Analysis of work stoppages during 194910031950
Office workers salaries10021950
Brief history of the American labor movement10001950
Office workers salaries9991950
Office workers salaries9971950
Occupational Wage Survey, San Francisco-Oakland, California9961950
Office workers salaries9951950
Office workers salaries9921950
Occupational Wage Survey, Buffalo, New York9911950
Office workers salaries9901950
Office workers salaries9891950
Office workers salaries9881950
Office workers salaries9871950
Construction 1948 in review9841950
Public social security programs in the United States 1949-509821950
Work injuries in the United States during 19489751950
Employment outlook in radio and television broadcasting occupations9581950
Hourly earnings in 11 industries, selected wage areas9741949
Consumers' cooperatives: operations in 19489711949
Employment outlook for engineers9681949
Employment outlook in the building trades9671949
Consumers' prices in the United States 1942 - 19489661949
Retail prices of food, 19489651949
Work stoppages caused by labor-management disputes in 19489631949
Injuries and accident causes in textile dyeing and finishing9621949
Employment outlook in railroad occupations9611949
Salaries of office workers in large cities, 19499601949
Directory of consumers' cooperatives in the United States9591949
Family income, expenditures, and savings in 19459561949
Family income, expenditures, and savings in 19459561949
Hourly earnings in 10 industries, selected wage areas9531949
Wage structure metal-working industry, 19459521949
Residential heating fuels9501949
Injuries and accident causes in fertilizer manufacturing9491949
Consumers' cooperatives: Operations in 19479481949
Work stoppages caused by labor-management disputes in 19479531948
Employee benefit plans under collective bargaining9461948
Work injuries in the United States during 19479451948
Employment outlook in electric light and power occupations9441948
Cooperatives in postwar Europe9421948
Construction and housing, 1946-479411948
Developments in the consumers' cooperative movement in 19479321948
Workers' budgets in the United States9271948
The economy of Hawaii in 19479261948
Guaranteed wage plans in the United States9251948
Wage Trends and wage policies9251948
Supplementary wage practices in American industry 1945-469251948
The performance of physically impaired workers in manufacturing industries9231948
The economic status of registered professional nurses9311947
The performance of physically impaired workers in manufacturing industries9231947
Summary of proceedings of Conference on Productivity, October 28-29, 19469131947
Guaranteed wage or employment plans9061947
Union health and welfare plans9001947
Collective bargaining with associations and groups of employers8971947
State and regional variations in prospective labor supply8931947
Sick-leave provisions in union agreements8321945
Guaranteed-employment and annual-wage provisions in union agreements effective January 1945828[1945]
Paid vacations in american industry 1943 and 1944811[1945]
Dismissal pay provisions in union agreements808[1945]
Arbitration Provisions in Union Agreements7801944
Cooperative Associations in Europe and their possibilities for post-war reconstruction7701944
Pay differentials for night work under union agreements7481943
Incentive-wage plans and collective bargaining7171942
Settlement of grievances under union agreements10721940
Prison labor in the United States5951933
Labor Productivity in the automobile tire industry5851933
Occupation hazards and diagnostic signs5821933
Laws relating to employment agencies in the United States as of January 1, 19335811933
Technological changes and employment in the United States postal service5741932
Labor legislation of Mexiko5691932
Union scales of wages and hours of labor May 15, 19315661932
Public old-age pensions and insurace in the United States and in foreign countries5611932
Social and economic character of unemployment in Philadelphia, 1930 April5521932
Consumers' credit and productive cooperative societies 19295311931
Wages and hours of labor in the Portland Cement Industry 19295251931
Hours and earnings in bituminous coal mining, 19295161930
Productivity of labor in newspaper printing4751929
Joint industrial control in the book and job printing industry4811928
Activities and functions of a state department of labor4791928
Productivity of labor in merchant blast furnaces4741928
Trade agreements, 19274681928
Beneficial activities of american trade unions4651928
Productivity of Labor in the Glass Industry4411927
Laws relating to payment of wages4081926
Productivity costs in common-brick industry3561924
Joint industrial councils in Great Britain2551919
Dangers to workers from dusts and flumes and methods of protection1271913
Older Workers Under Collective Bargaining1199n. A.
Wages and related benefits1157n. A.
The wage chronology series970n. A.
Salaries of Office Workers in selected large cities943n. A.
Collective bargaining provisions908n. A.
Occupational Data for Counselors817n. A.