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Reihe Ökonomie

= Economics series

MitwirkendeR:Institut für Höhere Studien  
Publication history: 1.1994 -
Publisher: IHS (Wien)
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Wirtschaftswissenschaften Schriftenreihe
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Contains these volumes

TitleVolume no.Year of Publication
Employment protection, labor market turnover, and the effects of globalization2882012
Minimum wages, labor market institutions, and female employment2782011
Minimum wage increases in a soft U.S. economy2732011
Intertemporal budget policies and macroeconomic adjustment in indebted open economies2712011
A theory of migration as a response to occupational stigma2472010
Market orientation and gender wage gaps2172007
Why are mothers working longer hours in Austria than in Germany?2132007
Pension reform and labor market incentives2082007
Characteristics of unemployment dynamics2052007
Traffic accessibility and the effect on firms and population in 99 Austrian regions1982006
Inequality and mobility of household incomes in Europe1952006
Alternative tax benefit strategies to support children in the European Union1852006
Household incomes and redistribution in the European Union1842006
The quest for status and endogenous labor supply1812005
Growth effects of age-related productivity differentials in an ageing society1792005
Computer use and the wage structure in Austria1472003
Public policy for efficient education902000
Dynasties and destiny882000
Money and growth in a production economy with multiple assets862000
Relative consumption and endogenous labour supply in the Ramsey model852000
Imperfectly competitive cycles with Keynesian and Walrasian features832000
Cyclical occupational choice in a model with rational wage expectations and perfect occupational mobility812000
Public debt and generational balance in Austria802000
Forecasting European GDP using self-exciting threshold autoregressive models792000
The long run, market power and retail pricing782000
Conspicuous consumption, economic growth, and taxation772000
Employment and wage adjustment in Euroland's labour market761999
A welfare comparison between export subsidies and exchange rate depreciation751999
Verification of the new trade theory in EU's trade with CEECs721999
International policy transmissions before and after establishing a monetary union711999
Cross-section analysis of health spending with special regard to trends in Austria701999
Equilibrium involuntary unemployment under oligempory681999
Siblings, strangers, and the surge of altruism671999
Capital and goods market integration and the inequality of nations661999
Efficiency and economies of scale in academic knowledge production631999
Deterministic chaos versus stochastic processes601998
Price and quality adjustments in the Austrian labour market571998
Human capital depletion, human capital formation, and migration551998
Unemployment dynamics531998
Human capital formation, asymmetric information, and the dynamics of international migration521998
Wage bargaining and management opposition in the presence of productivity gains and organization costs491997
Corruption within a cooperative society481997
Congestion ond public capital471997
Migrants' savings, purchasing power parity, and the optimal duration of migration441997
Vacancy durations - a model for employer's search411997
Growing through cycles401996
Auctions - a survey391996
The NAIRU-concept361996
International trade and the domestic wage structure341996
Business fixed investment and "bubbles"281996
A dynamic model of equilibrium selection in signaling markets271996
Evolutionary drift and equilibrium selection261996
An exact implementation of the Nash bargaining solution in dominant strategies251996
Comparative advantage in international trade241996
The energy-capital complementarity debate231996
Technology transfer with moral hazard221996
A combined Ricardian and Heckscher-Ohlin model of comparative advantage171995
Estimating the number of unit roots161995
On the role of seasonal intercepts in seasonal cointegration151995
Gift exchange and reciprocity in competitive experimental markets141995
Weakening the weak may harm the strong131995
Hard bargains and lost opportunities121995
Forecasting seasonally cointegrated systems111995
Measuring monetary policy101995
Bi-Hamiltonian systems and Lotka-Volterra equations91995
When social forces remove the impact of competition81995
Application of projection method in a model of endogenous growth71995
Household energy demand analysis61995
Business formation and aggregate investment51995
Arbitrage in commodity markets41995
Voluntary contributions to a public good when partial contribution is a dominant strategy31995
Random walks in stock exchange prices and the Vienna stock exchange21995
Housing markets and vacant land11994