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Research report / Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies

VerfasserIn:Wiener Institut für Internationale Wirtschaftsvergleiche  
Publication history: 295.2003 -
Place of Publication: Wien
Other edition(s): Online-Ausg.: Wiener Institut für Internationale Wirtschaftsvergleiche: Research report
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Contains these volumes

TitleVolume no.Year of Publication
Demographic challenges for labour supply and growth439March 2019
European innovation partnerships438January 2019
Asian experiences with global and regional value chain integration and structural change436December 2018
How much do trading partners matter for Austria's competitiveness and export performance?435November 2018
The EU-Japan economic partnership agreement and its relevance for the Austrian economy434November 2018
Is Austria's economy locked-in to the CESEE region?433October 2018
Infrastructure investment in the Western Balkans - a first analysis432October 2018
The evolution of trade unit values431September 2018
A 'European Silk Road'430August 2018
The Iranian economy: challenges and opportunities429July 2018
Foreign direct investments428June 2018
Global and regional value chains: how important, how different?427April 2018
Economic challenges of lagging regions421-424December 2017
Macedonian exports420September 2017
The evolution of non-tariff measures and their diverse effects on trade419May 2017
The European construction value chain:418May 2017
From fiscal austerity towards growth-enhancing fiscal policy in Ukraine417April 2017
Energy tariff reform in Ukraine416February 2017
Case studies / Roman Römisch (wiiw, coordinator) ; Ruggero Fornoni, Ben Gardiner, Lydia Greunz, Nirina Rabemiafara, Jonathan Stenning, Terry Ward4December 2017
Recent investment trends and needs / Roman Römisch (coordinator), Stefan Jestl3December 2017
Recent structural reforms, outstanding needs and governance issues / Roman Römisch (wiiw, coordinator) ; Ruggero Fornoni, Lydia Greunz, Nirina Rabemiafara, Terry Ward2December 2017
Fiscal and macroeconomic environment / Roman Römisch (WIIW, coordinator), Adam Brown, Ben Gardiner, Jonathan Stenning1December 2017
EU wholesale trade415December 2016
The evolving composition of intra-EU trade414November 2016
The Belarus economy: the challenges of stalled reforms413November 2016
Identifying revealed comparative advantages in an EU regional context412July 2016
Improving competitiveness in the Balkan region411June 2016
Correcting external imbalances in the European economy410April 2016
The future development of EU industry in a global context409January 2016
SEE 2020 strategy study on labour mobility4082015
Infrastructure investment in the Western Balkans4072015
Russian Federation 20154062015
Energy efficiency and EU industrial competitiveness4052015
The relation between industry and services in terms of productivity and value creation4042015
Migrants and natives in EU labour markets4032015
Free movement of workers, transitional arrangements and potential mobility from Croatia4022015
Competitiveness of the European economy4012015
Cohesion policy as a function of the EU budget4002015
Earnings distributions and dimensions of inequality3992014
Drivers of inequality and poverty in the CEE and other EU member states3982014
Trade integration, production fragmentation and performance in Europe - blessing or curse?3972014
Reducing productivity and efficiency gaps3962014
Economic convergence and structural change3952014
Patterns of structural change in the new EU member states394[2014]
Regional policy and FDI location3932014
Labour market developments and social welfare3922013
A "manufacturing imperative" in the EU - Europe's position in global manufacturing and the role of industrial policy3912013
Structural adjustment and unit labour cost developments in Europe's periphery3902013
Migration patterns of Serbian and Bosnia and Herzegovina migrants in Austria3892013
Development patterns of Central and East European countries3882013
International fragmentation of production, trade and growth3872013
Does trade drive global growth?3862013
What is happening to growth in Europe?3852013
The role of multinational companies in international business integration3842012
Global value chains and the EU industry3832012
European neighbourhood - challenges and opportunities for EU competitiveness3822012
Trade integration in the CIS3812012
Innovation and technology transfer across countries3802012
Sectoral employment effects of economic downturns3792012
Surveying Romanian migrants in Italy before and after the EU accession3782012
Convergence of knowledge-intensive sectors and the EU's external competitiveness3772012
Transition in the MENA region3762012
Models for stability and growth, structural reforms, conditionality, and EU surveillance criteria3752011
Developing efficient activation approaches and identifying elements for regional cooperation in the Western Balkans3742011
Fiscal issues in financial crisis3732011
Revival of the Visegrad countries' mutual trade after their EU accession3722011
Assessment of the labour market in Serbia3712011
Western Balkans - employment in the gas and electricity sectors3702011
Trade in intermediate products and EU manufacturing supply chains3692011
An assessment of the access by Romanian SMEs to structural funds3682011
EU gas supplies security3672010
The role of services in the new member states3662010
Migration, skills and productivity3652010
Ukraine, the European Union and the international community3642010
Current state and prospects of the Russian energy sector3632010
European energy security in view of Russian economic and integration prospects3622010
Short-run projections of patterns of job contraction in the EU3612010
Carbon capture and storage3602009
Models of BRICs' economic development and challenges for EU competitiveness3592009
Foreign direct investment flows between the EU and the BRICs3582009
Trade in goods and services between the EU and the BRICs3572009
Skills and industrial competitiveness3562009
Inequality in Croatia in comparison3552009
Changes in the structure of employment in the EU and their implications for job quality3542009
South-north integration, outsourcing and skills3532009
Western Balkan countries3522008
Migration and commuting propensity in the new EU member states3512008
International trade and economic diversification3502008
Economic developments in the wider Black Sea region3492008
Facing the monster "Juste Retour"3482008
What is in the name?3472008
Economic and trade policy impacts of sustained high oil prices3462008
Seeking new ways of financing the EU budget3452008
Oil and gas dependence of EU-15 countries3432007
Costs and benefits of Kosovo's future status3422007
High growth continues, with risks of overheating on the horizon341 : Special issue on economic prospects for Central, East and Southeast Europe2007
Structural change and trade integration on EU-NIS borders3402007
Restructuring of energy-intensive industrial branches in Romania and proposals for industrial policy measures3392007
The impact of EU enlargement on economic restructuring in Russia and future relations between Russia and the European Union3382007
Privatization disputes in Romania - the Petrom case3372007
Rapid growth in the CIS: is it sustainable?3362007
Private consumption and flourishing exports keep the region on high growth track335 : Special issue on economic prospects for Central, East and Southeast Europe2007
The consequences of WTO accession for Belarus3342007
Economic growth, regional disparities and employment in the EU-273332006
Employment developments in Central and Eastern Europe3322006
Ukraine: current economic situation and future prospects3312006
Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic: longer-term growth prospects3302006
Central and East European agriculture in integrating Europe3292006
Broader-based growth resilient to global uncertainties328 : Special issue on economic prospects for Central, East and Southeast Europe2006
CEECs' competitiveness in the global context3272006
The impact of Romania's accession to the EU on the Austrian economy3262006
Strong growth, driven by exports in the NMS and by consumption in the future EU members325 : Special issue on economic prospects for Central, East and Southeast Europe2006
Croatia: growth slowdown and policy alternatives3242006
Coming and going3232005
Why is food cheaper in rich (European) countries?3222005
Employment effects of foreign direct investment in Central and Eastern Europe3212005
Back from the peak320 : Special issue on economic prospects for Central, East and Southeast Europe2005
Regional employment patterns and prospective developments in the new EU member states3192005
The new EU member states and Austria3182005
Scenarios for the financial redistribution across member states in the European Union in 2007 - 20133172005
Household tax compliance in Albania3162005
Employment, education and occupation structures3152005
Accelerating GDP growth, improved prospects for European integration314 : Special issue on economic prospects for Central, East and Southeast Europe2005
Structural change, productivity and employment in the new EU member states3132005
Economic restructuring and labour market developments in the new EU member states3122004
Manufacturing FDI in new EU member states3112004
Foreign direct investment and the catching-up process in new EU member states3102004
Tax rates and corruption: labour-market and fiscal effects3092004
As east you go, the more they grow308 : Special issue on the transition economies2004
FDI in small countries3072004
Debt sustainability and growth in Croatia3062004
European Union, Russia and Ukraine3052004
Croatia's delayed transition3042004
Transition countries on the eve of EU enlargement303 : Special issue on the transition economies2004
Lessons to be learnt from the ERM and their applicability to the accession economies seeking to join the ERM23022004
A note on the evolution of inequality in Poland, 1992-993012003
Regional issues, banking reform and related credit risk in Russia3002003
Consequences of EU accession2992003
From accession to cohesion2982003
Transition countries in 2003297 : Special issue on the transition economies2003
Prospects for further (South-) Eastern EU enlargement2962003
Patterns of trade specialization and economic growth2952003