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Working papers / OECD, Economics Department

VerfasserIn:OECD, Economics Department  
Publication history: 108.1992 -
Publisher: OECD (Paris)
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Internetausg.: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development / Economics Department: Working papers / OECD, Economics Department
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Contains these volumes

TitleVolume no.Year of Publication
Reforming Austria's highly regarded but costly health system8952011
Coping with the job crisis and preparing for ageing7772010
Assessing the impact of the financial crisis on structural unemployment in OECD countries7672010
Explaining household saving rates in G7 countries7542010
A pause in the growth of inequality in China?7482010
China's labour market in transition7482010
The automobile industry in and beyond the crisis7452010
Improving the functioning of the Slovenian labour market7192009
Intergenerational social mobility in european OECD countries7092009
Reforming the labour market in Japan to cope with increasing dualism and population ageing6522008
Improving labour market performance in France5042006
Employment patterns in OECD countries4862006
Migration and integration of immigrants in Denmark3862004
Female labour force participation3762003
Coping with ageing3712003
The retirement effects of old-age pension and early retirement schemes in OECD countries3702003
Submission by the OECD to the G8 Growth, Employability and Inclusion Conference6, 121998
Income distribution and poverty in selected OECD countries6, 131998
The macroeconomic implications of ageing in a global context6, 91998
The unemployment problem1721997
Corporate governance, competition and performance1641996
Fiscal relations within the European Union1631996
The economic analysis of institutions and organisations - in general and with respect to country studies1331993
High and persistent unemployment1321993
Centralisation of wage bargaining and macroeconomic performance1311993
Unemployment and labour force participation1301993
Trends and cycles in labour productivity in the major OECD countries1291993
International integration of financial markets and the cost of capital1281993
The international spillovers of capital income taxation1271993
The future of capital income taxation in a liberalised financial environment1261993
Global effects of the European carbon tax1251992
The Chinese economic area1241992
New issues, new results: the OECD's second survey of the macroeconomic costs of reducing CO2 [CO tief 2] emissions1231992
Costs of reducing CO2 [CO tief 2] emissions1221992
Results for the OECD comparative modelling project from the Whalley-Wigle model1211992
OECD's indicators of international trade and competitiveness1201992
Les indicateurs de compétitivité et de commerce internationaux de l'OCDE1191992
The costs of reducing CO2 [CO tief 2] emissions1181992
Adjustment under fixed exchange rates1171992
Green - a multi-sector, multi-region dynamic general equilibrium model for quantifying the costs of curbing CO2 [CO tief 2] emissions1161992
The costs of reducing CO2 [CO tief 2] emissions1151992
Carbon taxes and CO2 [CO tief 2] emission targets1141992
Use of the Edmonds-Reilly model to model energy-related greenhouse gas emissions1131992
The welfare effects of fossil carbon restrictions1121992
Global 21001111992
Energy taxation and price distortions in fossil fuel markets1101992
The information content of interest rate spreads across financial systems1091992
Is there a future for capital income taxation?1081992