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WIFO working papers

VerfasserIn:Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung  
Publication history: nachgew. 2.1984 - 266.2005
Publisher: Inst. (Wien)
Other edition(s): Internetausg.: Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung: WIFO working papers
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Contains these volumes

TitleVolume no.Year of Publication
Boom-bust cycles and trading practices in asset markets, the real economy and the effects of a financial transaction tax3642010
Firm growth3612010
Employment, inflation and income distribution in an open economy3602010
Commuting, residence and workplace location attractiveness and local public goods3592010
Corporate ownership and performance3582010
The full impact of energy efficiency on household's energy demand3562010
The great recession vs. the great depression3542009
What causes gender differences in the participation and intensity of lifelong learning3532009
Eine generelle Finanztransaktionssteuer3522009
Passenger car use and climate change3512009
Welfare measures and ecological footprint as spatial sustainability indicators3492009
An anatomy of firm level job creation rates over the business cyle3482009
Spatial effects of open borders on the Czech labour market3452009
A general financial transaction tax3442009
How to measure globalisation?3432009
Asset price fluctuations, financial crisis and the stabilizing effects of a general transaction tax3402009
Ökonomische, technologische und soziodemographische Einflussfaktoren der Energienachfrage3392009
Industriepolitik in Österreich3372009
The financial crisis as an overshooting phenomenon3362009
The impact of technological change and lifestyles on the energy demand of households3342009
Family policy in Austria in comparison3312008
Unternehmenssteuerwettbewerb in der Europäischen Union 253282008
Migrant women and youth3202008
The promotion of employment and earning opportunity of women in Europe through gender mainstreaming3192008
Competition-oriented wage policy and its effects on aggregate demand in the Netherlands3122008
Regional labour market disparities in an enlarged European Union3092008
Langfristige Tendenzen der Einkommensverteilung in Österreich - ein Update3072007
Reform perspectives on welfare state models in global capitalism3032007
The Swedish economic model3022007
The European employment strategy3012007
The employment of women in the European Union2972007
Globalization, EU enlargement and income distribution2962007
Development of the distribution of household income in Austria2932007
The European socio-economic model2662005
How large are wage differentials in Austria?2652005
Employment effects of outsourcing to low wage countries2622005
Sustaining employment of older workers in an ageing society2562005
Das öffentliche Auftragswesen im gesamtwirtschaftlichen Zusammenhang2502005
The size and performance of public sector activities in Europe2462005
Die Zukunft der Lissabon-Strategie2442005
Mergers and acquisitions in the Austrian banking sektor2302004
Tracing empirical trails of Schumpeterian development2292004
Private expenditures for children in Austria2272004
The Roma in Austria2222004
Inter-regional mobility in Europe2212004
Health and employment status2192004
Intra-national labour market adjustment in the candidate countries2182004
Distribution of household income in Austria2142003
The impact of inequality on economic growth2112003
Diversity of welfare systems in the EU2072003
Fully-funded public old age pension programs - stranger than paradise?2032003
Österreich, Finnland und Schweden in der EU - Wirtschaftliche Auswirkungen2002003
The role of migrants in the production of tradeables and non-tradeables1942003
The household labour supply and the labour market of the future1932003
Die Rolle zivilgesellschaftlicher Institutionen und des Gender Mainstreaming bei der Bekämpfung von sozial- und gesellschaftspolitischer Benachteiligung1912002
Labour statistics - towards enlargement1902002
Reorganisation of employees' legal protection1892002
Zur Messung der Verbraucherpreise1862002
Wo die Luft dünn wird1852002
Road pricing for heavy goods vehicles transport1802002
Competitive economic performance1792002
How effective are the ILO's labour standards under globalisation?1782002
Was ECB's monetary policy optimal?1732002
Should higher education students pay tuiton fees?1722001
SUR estimation of error components models with AR(1) disturbances and unobserved endogenous effects1712001
A tale of competition between Eastern and Southern Europe1702001
Innovation and employment in Europe in the 1990s1692001
The effectiveness of Central Bank intervention in the EMS1682001
Market power, multinationality and intra-EU industry exports in the 1990s1672001
Market concentration and international outsourcing1662001
"Ecological value added" in an integrated ecosystem-economy model1652001
Distance, trade and FDI1642001
European skills shortage in ICT and policy responses1632001
ICT investment and growth of output and productivity1622001
Progress towards the knowledge-based economy1612001
R&D and productivity: evidence for European and U.S. firms in the 1990s1592001
R&D and productivity: empirical evidence at the firm level1582001
Risk-taking and solvency regulation in banking1572001
Innovation modes in the Swiss service sector1562001
Patterns and determinants of international activities1552001
Macroprudential financial regulation and monetary policy1542001
How to design an optimal rate covenant in a standard debt contract1532001
International outsourcing and the productivity of low-skilled labour in the EU1522001
International outsourcing and the skill-specific wage bill in Eastern Europe1512001
The impact of Agenda 2000's structural policy reform on FDI in the EU1502001
Europe and the industrial revolution1492001
Is Austria's balanced budget stable?1482001
The "employment double dividend" of environmental tax reform1472001
What follows tertiarisation?1462001
On the structural dimension of competitive strategy1452001
Real trade costs, fragmentation and employment1442001
Macroeconomic effects of EU enlargement for old and new members1432001
How international outsourcing drives up Eastern European wages1422001
An econometric view on the estimation of gravity models and the calculation of trade potentials1412001
Profitability and price effects of technical currency trading1402001
Cross border outsourcing1392001
Transportation costs in a multilateral world1382001
Fiscal policy in the small open economy within the framework of monetary union1372000
Die Entwicklung des Arbeitsvolumens und der Arbeitsproduktivität nach Branchen1362000
Prices and factor demand in an endogenized input-output model1352000
Die unterschiedliche Wachstumsdynamik in den USA und Deutschland in den neunziger Jahren1342000
Export orientation, foreign production, and the growth of medium sized and large manufacturing firms1332000
On the problem of endogenous unobserved effects in the estimation of gravity models1322000
Fiskalpolitische Disziplinierung durch den Stabilitäts- und Wachstumspakt1322000
The transition to the single market in the German insurance industry1312000
Economic integration in trade and FDI1302000
European exports and outward foreign direct investment1292000
Demand shifts, labour mobility and unemployment persistence1282000
Convergence in structure and productivity in European manufacturing?1272000
Motives for firm diversification1262000
Insider und Outsider, Inländer und Ausländer: Wo sind die Grenzen?1251999
Der Krankenstand in Österreich und sein Effekt auf das Arbeitsvolumen1241999
Conjectural variation models and supergames with price-competition in a differentiated product oligopoly1231999
Employment in domestic plants and foreign affiliates1221999
Regional differences in unemployment and the labor supply decision1211999
Economic integration, specialisation and the location of industries1201999
Estimating the economic effects of immgration in a not strictly segmented labor market1191999
Der Zusammenhang zwischen Benzin- und Rohölpreis1181999
Poland's accession to the European Union1171999
Do industrial structures converge?1161999
Institutional continuity and economic growth - the case of Austria1151999
Intangible investment and human resources1141999
Economic policy coordination in the EMU1131999
WIFO-Wirtschaftsindikatoren für das Euro-Währungsgebiet1121999
Inter-fuel substitution, energy demand and embodied technical change1111999
Sectoral analyses and case studies on the diffusion and utilisation of ICT in Austria1101999
A note on labor productivity and foreign inward direct investment1091999
A note on the proper econometric specification of the gravity equation1081999
Post-Keynesian economic policy in Austria and Sweden1071998
Globalization without global money1061998
Regularity and cointegration in demand systems1051998
Models of income support policies in market economies1041998
Placement activities in Austria before and after deregulation1031998
Das WIFO-Quartalsmodell zur Hochrechnung der vierteljährlichen VGR in Österreich1021998
Unemployment, underemployment and migration1011998
Employment effects of tourism1001998
The treatment of seasonality in error correction models991998
The foreign sector in the regional economies of North East Italy981998
Effects of the single market on the Austrian insurance industry971998
Befragungen und Stichproben961998
The privatization experiment in Austria951997
Product quality, cost asymmetry and the welfare loss of oligopoly941997
Use and misuse of gravity equations in European integration research931997
How serious is the pact on stability and growth?921997
The use of game theoretical models for structure performance research911997
Multinational firms, trade and growth901997
Austria's road to full employment891997
The Austrian economy in the European Union881996
Ausbildung und Erwerbstätigkeit der Frauen in Österreich871996
Die Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion861996
Fiscal policy in the Czech Republic in 1989 - 1994851996
Income and price elasticities of foreign trade in Finland and Austria841995
Wachstumsrate, Profitrate und Zins831995
Opening up of Eastern Europe and EU's Eastern European enlargement821995
Central Europe as an economic area?811995
Cost and benefits of EU's Eastern European enlargement781995
Modeling a linear dynamic system for consumption, income and inflation rate in Austria771995
Identifying common fluctuations in Europe761995
The Austrian labor market751995
Macroeconomic and sectoral effects of the Uruguay Round in Austria as an EU member721995
The impact of the Uruguay Round on Austria711995
Wachstum und Arbeitslosigkeit691994
EU-Beitritt Österreichs681994
An outline of Austria's collective bargaining system571992
Women in Austria421991
Corporatism: success or failure?361990
Wage inflation and trade union policy231987
Zur Frage: Ökonomische Auswirkungen von Änderungen der Ladenöffnungszeiten171986