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Bulletin of comparative labour relations

Publication history: 6.1975 -
Publisher: Kluwer (The Hague [u.a.])
Classification: 331 Arbeit, Arbeitswissenschaft
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Contains these volumes

TitleVolume no.Year of Publication
The legal and institutional framing of collective bargaining in CEE countriesvolume 101[2018]
Game changers in labour lawvolume 100[2018]
Collective bargaining developments in times of crisisVolume 99[2018]
Work-life balance in the modern workplacevolume 98[2017]
Improving workplace qualityvolume 97[2017]
Individual labour rights as human rightsVolume 96[2017]
The notion of employer in the era of the fissured workplace95[2017]
New forms of employment in Europe94[2016]
Reasonable accommodation in the modern workplacevolume 93[2016]
Labour law and social progress92[2016]
National effects of the implementation of EU directives on labour migration from third countries91[2016]
Globalization and transnational collective labour relations902015
Protecting labour rights in a multi-polar supply chain and mobile global economy892015
Protection of employees' Personal Information and Privacy882014
The use of languages in employment relations872014
China and ILO fundamental principles and rights at work862014
Workers' representation in central and eastern europe852014
Social security and migrant workers842014
Emerging patterns of work and turkish labour market challenges under globalization832014
Temporary agency work in the european union and the united states822013
Systems of employee representation at the enterprise812012
Labour markets, industrial relations and human resources management802012
Trade Union rights at the workplace792011
Labour law between change and tradition782011
Rethinking corporate governance772011
Regulation of fixed-term employment contracts762010
Seafarers' rights in the globalized maritime industry752010
Regulating employment relations, work and labour laws742010
European works councils722009
Employment policies and multilevel governance712009
The modernization of labour law and industrial relations in a comparative perspective702009
The laval and viking cases692009
New developments in employment discrimination law682008
Challenges in European Employment Relations672008
The future of sports law in the European Union662008
The global labour market652008
Globalization and employment relations in the auto assembly industry642008
Globalization and employment relations in retail banking632007
European framework agreements and telework: law and practice622007
Decentralizing industrial relations and the role of labour unions and employee representatives612007
Corporate and employment perspectives in a global business environment602006
Flexibilisation and Modernisation of the Turkish Labour Market592006
Freedom of services in the European Union582006
Women in academia and equality law572006
Collective bargaining and wages in comparative perspective562005
Confronting globalization552005
Smoking and the workplace542005
Labour law in motion532004
The globalization of labour standards522004
The actors of collective bargaining512004
Temporary agency work and the information society502004
Labour relations in the Asia-Pacific countries492004
Collective bargaining, discrimination, social security and European integration482003
Corporate restructuring and the role of labour law472003
Employee rights in bankruptcy462002
The impact of globalisation on employment relations452002
The impact of the Internet and new technologies on the workplace432002
Involvement of employees in the European Union422002
The evolving employment relationship and the new economy412001
The Council of Europe and the social challenges of the XXIst century392001
Multinational enterprises and the social challenges of the XXIst century372000
Private employment agencies361999
Non-standard work and industrial relations351999
The process of industrialization and the role of labour law in Asian countries341999
Employment protection under strain331998
Labour law and industrial relations in the European Union321998
Labour law and industrial relations in Central and Eastern Europe311996
The harmonization of working life and family life / Roger Blanpain301995
Strikes and lock-outs in industrialized market economies291994
Employee rights and industrial justice / guest eds.: J. Rojot and H. Wheeler281994
Participative management and industrial relations in a worldwide perspective27 : Special issue1993
Industrial relations in small and medium-sized enterprises / ed. R. Blanpain261993
Industrial relations, developments in the telecommunications industry251993
Employed or self-employed241992
Workers' participation : influence on management decison - making by labour in the private sector / *Ed.: R. Blanpain23 (1992)1992
Flexible work patterns and their impact on industrial relations221991
Structure and strategy in industrial relations211991
Economic restructuring and industrial relations in industrialised countries201990
Flexibility and wages / *ed. by Blanpain19 (1990)1990
In search of inclusive unionism / *Jelle Visser*181990
Trade union democracy and industrial relations171988
Unions and industrial relations161987
Equality and prohibition of discrimination in employment141985
Workers' participation in the European Community : the fifth directive / *R. Blanpain ; J. L. Janssen van Raay ; A. Mouty13 (1984)1984
Technological change and industrial relations121983