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Work & society

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Publication history: 1.1986 -
Publisher: Presses Interuniversitaires Européennes, Lang (Maastricht)
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Österreich Sozialpartnerschaft Geschichte 1945-2000
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Contains these volumes

TitleVolume no.Year of Publication
The new pension mix in EuropeVol. 83[2017]
The transnationalisation of collective bargaining782014
Quality of employment in Europe742012
Renewing democratic deliberation in Europe732012
Democracy and capabilities for voice722012
Precarious employment in perspective702011
Generations at work and social cohesion in Europe682010
Quality of Work in the European Union672009
Emerging systems of work and welfare662009
Pensions in Europe, European pensions642008
Jobs on the move622008
Transnational labour regulation602008
Changing liaisons592007
Work and social inequalities in health in Europe582007
European solidarities572007
Industrial relations in small companies562007
Reshaping welfare states and activation regimes in Europe542007
Shaping pay in Europe532007
Politiques sociales512005
The ethics of workplace privacy502005
Restructuring representation462005
A European social citizenship?472004
Labour and employment regulation in Europe452004
Wage and welfare432004
Job insecurity and union membership422004
EU law and the social character of health care382004
Trade unions in Europe322003
The impact of EU law on health care systems392002
Wage policy in the eurozone372002
Politique salariale dans la zone euro362002
Regulating health and safety management in the European Union352002
Building social Europe through the open method of co-ordination342002
Europe - one labour market?302002
L'Europe syndicale au quotidien242002
From the Werner plan to the EMU292001
At your service?272001
La nouvelle dynamique des pactes sociaux en Europe262001
After full employment252000
Monetary union and collective bargaining in Europe221999
The regulation of working time in the European Union211999
Social challenges of economic and monetary union181998
Work and social policies in the new Europe111991
Local initiatives51987
Working time reduction and the crisis in the welfare state / ed. by Alfred Kleinknecht ... With contributions by Willem Dercksen ...31986
Trade unions in a changing workplace21986
The institutions of a changing welfare state / ed. by Mark D. ten Hove ... With contributions by Theo Berben21986
Trade unions in a changing Europe11986
The future of the welfare state11986
The future of the welfare state...n. A.
Trade Unions today and tomorrow...n. A.