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A joint initiative of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and the Ifo Institute for Economic Research

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Publication history: 182.1999 -
Publisher: CES, Ifo (Munich)
Language: German
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Contains these volumes

TitleVolume no.Year of Publication
Centralised labour market negotiations4470 : Category 4, Labour markets2013
Beyond the labour income tax wedge4348 : Category 4, Labour markets2013
Relative consumption working time, and trade unions4318 : Category 4, Labour markets2013
Getting people into work4317: Category 4, Labour markets2013
Do higher government wages reduce corruption? Evidence based on a novel dataset4254 : Category 1, Public finance2013
Labour mobility and the portability of social rights in the EU4153 : Category 3: Social protection2013
Partnership, gender roles and the well-being cost of unemployment3932 : Category 13, Behavioural Economics2012
Union wage setting and international trade3929 : Category 8, Trade policy2012
The impact of democracy and press freedom on corruption3917 : Category 2, Public choice2012
Trade union membership and sickness absence3909 : Category 3: Social protection2012
The determinants of election to the United Nations Security Council3902 : Category 2, Public choice2012
Wages and international tax competition3867 : Category 1, Public finance2012
What happens to the husband's retirement decision when the wife's retirement incentives change?3772 : Category 1, Public finance2012
Labour market reforms and outcomes in Estonia3756 : Category 4, Labour markets2012
Gender quotas and the quality of politicians3734 : Category 2, Public choice2012
Work and wage dynamics around childbirth3710 : Category 1, Public finance2012
Brain drain in the age of mass migration3705 : Category 4, Labour markets2012
How trade unions increase welfare3618 : Category 4, Labour markets2011
Flexicurity, wage dynamics and inequality over the life-cycle3561 : Category 4, Labour markets2011
Labour market institutions and unemployment3558 : Category 4, Labour markets2011
The case for a progressive tax3548 : Category 1, Public finance2011
Temporary employment, job flows and productivity3520 : Category 5, Economics of education2011
Workers of the world, unite! Franchise extensions and the threat of revolution in Europe, 1820-19383417 : Category 2, Public choice2011
Tax policy and employment: How does the Swedish system fare?3355 : Public finance2011
Discounting, inequalities and economic convergence3269 : Industrial organisation2010
Is the welfare state sustainable?3148 : Public choice2010
Labor market policy: a comparative view on the costs and benefits of labor market flexibility3140 : Labour markets2010
Age, wage and productivity2965 : Labour markets2010
Workers without borders?2954: Labour Markets2010
Monetary persistence and the labour market2935 : Monetary policy and international finance2010
Social welfare versus inequality concerns in an incomplete contract experience2933 : Empirical and theoretical methods2010
Ageing and the welfare state2916 : Social protection2010
Optimal use of labor market policies2890: Labour Markets2009
Labor unions, globalization, and mercantilism2889: Fiscal Policy, Macroeconomics and Growth2009
The lost popularity function2882: Public Choice2009
Worker-specific effects of globalisation2826 : Trade policy2009
Catch me if you can: education and catch-up in the industrial revolution2816: Economics of Education2009
Economic nationalism and economic integration2813: Trade Policy2009
Social security incidence unter uncertainty2812 : Public finance2009
Unemployment in an interdependent world2788 : Trade policy2009
Gender culture and gender gap in employment2738 : Labour markets2009
Is social security part of the social safety net?2610: Public Finance2009
On the equivalence between labor and consumption taxation2593: Public Finance2009
Voting on labour-market integration and education policy when citizens differ in mobility and ability2588: Public Choice2009
Female labor supply and parental leave benefits2578 : Labour Markets2009
The Effects of Monetary Policy on Unemployment Dynamics under Model Uncertainty Evidence from the US and the Euro Area2575 : Monetary Policy and International Finance2009
Active labour market policy evaluations2570 : Labour Markets2009
Do better schools lead to more growth?2524 : Fiscal Policy, Macroeconomics and growth2009
Reforming pensions2523: Public Finance2009
Flexible Outsourcing and the Impacts of Labour Taxation in European Welfare States2440 : Labour Markets2008
Job mobility and the gender wage gap in Italy2435 : Category 4, Labour markets2008
Minimum wage incidence2432 : Category 4, Labour markets2008
Why go to France or Germany, if you could as well go to the UK or the US?2427 : Category 4, Labour markets2008
Labour market institutions and their effect on labour market performance in the new EU member countries2421 : Labour markets2008
Financing higher education and labor mobility2362 : Public Finance2008
Alternative social security systems and growth2353 : Public Finance2008
Clash of career and family2180 : Labour markets2008
Household models2172 : Labour markets2007
Pension reform, retirement and life-cycle unemployment2163 : Public Finance2007
The economic effects of direct democracy2149 : Public Finance2007
Size and development of the shadow economy and of do-it-yourself activities in Germany2021 : Public Finance2007
The international economics of natural resources and growth1994 : Resources and environment2007
Was Weber wrong? A human capital theory of Protestant economic history1987 : Labour markets2007
Exports, unemployment and the welfare state1977 : Trade policy2007
Equilibrium unemployment with outsourcing under labour market imperfections1892 : Labour markets2007
Labor standards and economic integration in the European Union1746 : Social protection2006
The employment effects of labor and product markets deregulation and their implications for structural reform1709 : Labour markets2006
Social security and risk sharing1705 : Public finance2006
Demographics and the political sustainability of pay-as-you-go social security1378 : Public choice2005
Labor market effects of economic integration1179 : Labour markets2004
The UK's privatisation experiment1126 : Industrial organisation2004
Employment transitions in 13 European countries1091 : Labour markets2003
Wages, unemployment, and the underground economy1086 : Labour markets2003
Endogenous wage rigidity1081 : Labour markets2003
The surprising french employment performance: What lessons?1078 : Labour markets2003
Decentralising wage bargaining in Germany - a way to increase employment?1069 : Labour markets2003
Tax policy and labor market performance1035 : Public finance2003
Bio-demographic and health aspects of ageing in the EU1027 : Social protection2003
Voluntary public unemployment insurance1010 : Labour markets2003
Workfare and trade unions942 : Public finance2003
Do social policies harm employment and growth?886 : Public finance2003
Income inequality in OECD countries881 : Empirical and theoretical methods2003
Education, social equality and economic growth876 : Fiscal policy, macroeconomics and growth2003
Effects of immigration on labour markets and government budgets874 : Labour markets2003
Unemployment in Germany871 : Labour markets2003
When unemployment disappears856 : Labour markets2003
Social security reform and intergenerational trade795 : Public finance2002
International comparisons and transfer of labour market institutions788 : Labour markets2002
Nominal wage flexibility, wage indexation and monetary union761 : Labour markets2002
The impact of wage-setting institutions on the incidence of public employment in the OECD757 : Labour markets2002
U.S. welfare reform753 : Social protection2002
Wage policy and endogenous wage rigidity751 : Labour markets2002
Growth and inequality746 : Fiscal policy, macroeconomics and growth2002
Does active labour market policy work?675 : Labour markets2002
Temporary work in turbulent times671 : Labour markets2002
Voting on public pensions with hand and feet5232001
Are we retiring too early?5222001
The politics of pension reform under ageing5212001
Labour supply effects of an early retirement programme4632001
Democracy and income inequality4112001
Inequality and the state3982000
On the determinants of labour market institutions3842000
The threat to the German welfare state3202000
Unemployment in the United States and in Europe2312000
Pension reform and demographic crisis1951999