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Reihe Politikwissenschaft

= Political science series

Creators:Institut für Höhere Studien und Wissenschaftliche Forschung
MitwirkendeR:Institut für Höhere Studien  
VerfasserIn:Institut für Höhere Studien  
Publication history: 1.1992 - 136.2014 [später nur mehr elektron. verfügbar]
Publisher: IHS (Wien)
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Politische Wissenschaft Schriftenreihe
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Contains these volumes

TitleVolume no.Year of Publication
An exercise in legal honesty1362014
Transforming power relationships1352013
The European citizens' initiative1342013
Déjà-vu (again) - the Lisbon treaty referendum in Ireland1332013
Bridging qualified majority and unanimity decision-making in the EU1322013
Fashions and fads in finance1312012
Between violent and non-violent action strategies1302012
National parliaments, electorates and EU affairs1292012
Worlds apart? Labour unions, wages and monetary integration in continental Europe1282012
Parliamentary scrutiny of EU law proposals in Denmark1272012
Pension fund capitalism and financial crisis1262011
Measuring environmental policy change1252011
Discrepant electorates1242011
The radical right in Europe, between slogans and voting behavior1232011
Unity in diversity as Europe's vocation and conflicts law as Europe's constitutional form1222010
Extreme right and populism1212010
The constrained left and its adverse impact on losers of globalization1202010
The role of subnational authorities in the implementation of EU directives1192009
Products of their past?1182009
Cutting through the "misfit" jungle1172008
Banking sector liberalization and reform in the post-communist region after 19891162008
An integrated model of national party response to European integration1152008
The two futures of governing1142008
In search of the worlds of compliance1132007
Three worlds of compliance or four?1122007
Beyond the Bosphorus?1112006
The European Union and Morocco1102006
Territory, temporality and clustered europeanization1092006
The institutional integration of an expanded EU1082006
Problem solving effectiveness and democratic accountability in the EU1072006
Assessing conditions for influence of interest groups in the EU1062005
The EU party system after Eastern enlargement1052005
The constitutionalization of the European Union1042005
Party position changes through EU membership?1032005
Competition, cooperation and communication1022005
European integration and the legal system1012005
Kontinuität und / oder Wandel?1002004
Der EU-Verfassungsvertrag und die Zukunft des Wohlfahrtsstaates in Europa992004
Neues Regieren und soziales Europa982004
The flexibility of constitutional design972004
The first EU social partner agreement in practice962004
Inter-organizational negotiation and intra-organizational power in shared decision-making952004
A second look at legislative behavior in the European Parliament942004
How the European Union interacts with its member states932003
The European Union912003
Policy networks902003
What's in a convention?892003
Europe divided?882003
Unraveling the central state, but how?872003
Opposition through the backdoor?832002
Trends of Europeanization in social welfare politics822002
New modes of governance in Europe812002
How open is 'open as possible'?802001
Interessenvermittlung unter den Bedingungen der europäischen Integration792001
"Much ado about nothing?"782001
The impact of foreign direct investment on the knowledge base of Central and Eastern European countries772001
Ein Maß für Demokratie762001
What is there to legitimize in the European Union ... and how might this be accomplished?752001
Jean Monnet - Mensch und Methode742001
Jacques Delors732001
Deliberative democracy or agonistic pluralism722000
Accidental diasporas and external "homelands" in Central and Eastern Europe712000
The erosion of state capacity and the European innovation policy dilemma702000
Institutional theory692000
The democratic welfare state682000
Recombinant citizenship671999
Empfehlungen zur Evaluation universitärer und außeruniversitärer Forschung in Österreich661999
Das demokratisierende Potential von "Nichtregierungsorganisationen"651999
Community between Europe and Africa641999
Bringing the citizen back in631999
National community, citizenship and cultural diversity621999
50 Jahre Bundesrepublik Deutschland611999
Market building, polity building, and community in the European Union601999
Community in Europe591999
The evolution and transformation of European governance581998
Geschlechterdifferenz als (diskriminierendes) Gestaltungsprinzip materieller Sicherung571998
The regulatory state and its legitimacy problems561998
Institutionalizing horizontal accountability551998
The problem of low and unequal voter turnout - and what we can do about it541998
A cultural challenge to liberal democracy in Southeast Asia?531998
Crafting the "common will"521997
Why stay together?511997
Expected stability501997
Strategische Ambivalenz491997
Evaluating academic research in Germany481997
Path-dependent independence471997
Geschlecht, Emotion und Politik461997
The end of the third wave and the global future of democracy451997
Grundrechte in der Europäischen Union441997
Zur Demokratiequalität der Europäischen Union431997
Wer sind wir?421997
Der illiberale Kat-echon411997
Education for citizenship401997
"Amerikanisierung" Europas?391996
Credible change381996
Permanenter Ausnahmezustand?371996
Was heißt demokratische Konsolidierung?361996
Die Konstruktion der Ausländerfrage in Österreich351996
Democracy versus history341996
The Netherlands331996
Democratic politics as interpretation of time321996
"Nach Rasse und Sprache verschieden"311996
Tourists and vagabonds301996
Föderalistische Strukturverschiebungen281996
They just don't get it271995
Policy models and policy instruments in higher education261995
Reconciling equality and pluralism241995
Die EU-Volksabstimmungen in Österreich, Finnland, Schweden und Norwegen231995
The re-emergence of extreme right-wing parties in Europe211995
Anti-party discourses in Germany221994
Party government: myth or reality?201994
Designing institutions for East European transitions191994
Gibt es ein Recht auf Einwanderung?181994
From aliens to citizens171994
Democratic savety valves161994
The politics of possibility151994
Solidarity between generations141994
Österreichische Technologiepolitik auf dem Prüfstand131994
The economic basis of attitudes towards the European Community121994
National minorities, nationalizing states, and external national homelands in the new Europe111993
Some propositions about civil society and the consolidation of democracy101993
Strukturen und Modelle der Forschungsfinanzierung in Deutschland91993
Integration in a pluralistic society81993
Das empirische Profil der "Politikverdrossenheit ̈71993
The limits to natural law and the paradox of evil61993
Der Industriekomplex "Schienentransportsysteme"51993
Die Selbstbeschreibung der Gesellschaft41993
Die Funktionsbedingungen konzertierter Politik21992
Postmoderne Konflikte um den Konsensus-Begriff11992