Kurt Starke

Kurt Starke (1911 in Berlin – 19 January 2000) was a German radiochemist. During World War II, he worked on the German nuclear energy project, also known as the Uranium Club. He independently discovered the transuranic element neptunium. From 1947 to 1959, he taught and did research in Canada and the United States. From 1959 until he achieved emeritus status, he was at the German University of Marburg, where he established and became director of the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry. He was also the first dean of the Department of Physical Chemistry of the University of Marburg, which opened in 1971. Provided by Wikipedia
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Publisher: Verl. Neues Leben (Berlin)
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Involved: Starke, Kurt
Year: 2001
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Involved: Starke, Kurt
Year: 2010
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Year: 1984
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