Pavel Tsatsouline

Pavel Tsatsouline, (; born 23 August 1969 in Minsk, USSR) is the Chairman of StrongFirst, Inc., a fitness instructor who has introduced SPETSNAZ training techniques from the former Soviet Union to US Navy SEALs , Marines and Army Special Forces, and shortly thereafter to the American public.

Tsatsouline is particularly notable for popularizing the kettlebell in the modern era in the West, most notably through his books and through a series of instructional videos, delivered with his trademark comedic intent, comically exploiting Russian stereotypes with a thick accent, a dungeon-esque setting, and frequent use of the word "comrade". Vic Sussman among others praised Tsatsouline's videos because their power as training tools in part stemmed from the emphasis on kettlebells as fun.

He holds a degree in Sports Science from the Physical Culture Institute in Minsk. He is involved with the evolving field of martial arts fitness and is a proponent of the kettlebell as an exercise and strengthening tool. In 1998, Tsatsouline became a kettlebell instructor in the United States.

Tsatsouline claims to have been a PT drill instructor for Spetsnaz, the elite Soviet special forces unit, during the late 1980s (when Tsatsouline was in his teenage years).

In 2001, Tsatsouline was voted a "Hot Trainer" by ''Rolling Stone'', pictured with a kettlebell in hand. He has published articles in ''Milo'' magazine and ''Performance Press'', as well as being the author of several books on stretching and strength training (see Bibliography).

In 2012, Pavel left the RKC and formed a new company, StrongFirst. Provided by Wikipedia
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