Mohammad Ashraf

Mohammad Ashraf or Muhammad Ashraf (Urdu: محمد اشرف, Hindi: मोहम्मद अशरफ) is the name of:

*Muhammad Ashraf (translator), Pakistani translator of Quran *Muhammad Ashraf (wrestler) (born 1927), Pakistani Olympic wrestler *Syed Mohammad Ashraf (died 1815), Indian Islamic reformer *Mohammad Ashraf Kichhouchhwi (born 1966), Indian Sufi *Syed Mohammad Izhar Ashraf (1935–2012), Indian imam *Mohammad Ashraf Naseri (born 1962), Afghan governor of Badghis Province *Muhammad Ashraf Bukhari (born 1956), Indian bureaucrat *Mohammad Zahid Ashraf (born 1973), Indian biotechnologist and academic Provided by Wikipedia
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