Robert Kenner

Robert Kenner is an American film and television director, producer, and writer. Kenner is best known for directing the film ''Food, Inc''. as well as the films, ''Command and Control'', ''Merchants of Doubt'', and ''When Strangers Click''.

In 2016, Kenner released ''Command and Control'', a documentary of a 1980s nuclear missile accident in Arkansas, based on Eric Schlosser's award-winning book of the same name. ''The Village Voice'' wrote, “Command and Control is frightening for a whole pants-shitting list of reasons…morbidly fun to watch, in the manner of good suspense thrillers and disaster films.”

In 2015, he released ''Merchants of Doubt''[[Robert Kenner#cite note-2|[2]]] inspired by Naomi Oreskes' and Erik Conway's book of the same name. The film explores how a handful of skeptics have obscured the truth on issues from tobacco smoke, to toxic chemicals, to global warming. ''The Nation'' described ''Merchants of Doubt'' as "like a social-issues documentary by Samuel Beckett. You laugh as you contemplate everyone's doom".

In 2011, Kenner released ''When Strangers Click'' for HBO. The film was nominated for an Emmy Award. ''The New York Times'' wrote, “Reserving judgment, the film beautifully explores the poignant nature of [one couple’s] ambivalence toward solitude.”

In 2008, he produced and directed the Oscar nominated, Emmy winning documentary film, ''Food, Inc''., which examines the industrialization of the American food system and its impacts on workers, consumers, and the environment. ''Variety'' wrote that ''Food, Inc.'' “does for the supermarket what Jaws did for the beach.”

In 2003, Kenner worked as co-filmmaker with Richard Pearce on ''The Road to Memphis'' for Martin Scorsese’s series, ''The Blues''. ''Newsweek'' called the film, “the unadulterated gem of the Scorsese series.”

Kenner has directed and produced numerous films for the award-winning PBS documentary series, ''American Experience'' including ''Two Days In October'', which received a Peabody Award, an Emmy, and a Grierson award.

He has directed and produced several films for National Geographic including ''America’s Endangered Species: Don’t Say Goodbye'', which received the Strand Award for Best Documentary from the International Documentary Association.

Kenner has also directed a number of award-winning commercials and corporate videos for eBay, Hewlett Packard, Hallmark Cards, and others. Provided by Wikipedia
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