Olivier Fillieule


Olivier Fillieule is a political scientist and sociologist. Fillieule serves as Senior Researcher at CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) (CRPS Paris I Sorbonne), full-time Professor at the University of Lausanne, and Director of the Institute for Political and International Studies (IEPI).

In 1994, Fillieule and Nonna Mayer created the GERMM study and research group of the French Political Science Association. The research group is currently directed by Eric Agrikoliansky, Fillieule and Mayer. It focuses on the transformation of militant repertoires and sociography in contemporary Europe, conducting annual workshops, invitations of foreign and French researchers, symposia, conferences, student tutoring, research activities and publications.

In September 2002, Fillieule created the Research Center on Political Action of the University of Lausanne (CRAPUL). The group’s aim is to assist PhD students and young researchers through frequent workshops, symposia and conferences. It also has a focus on research. The Center has a strong international orientation. It addresses themes such as political socialization, protest activity, political participation, participation in political parties, trade unions and social movements, lobbying and interest groups. CRAPUL has grown ever since its creation in September 2002, especially regarding conferences, the launching of collective research projects and a new series in social sciences at a Swiss publisher.

Fillieule’s main fields of research and publication refer to social movements theories, the sociology of militantism and political activism, interactionist approaches, commitment and disengagement, gender approaches to social movements and activism, collective behavior, demonstrations, maintenance of order, police and repression and protests and mobilizations against AIDS, therapeutical activism, commitment in vaccine trials. Provided by Wikipedia
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