Siegfried Aufhäuser

Siegfried Aufhäuser (born 1 January 1884 in Augsburg — died 6 December 1969 in Berlin) was a German politician and union leader, and from 1921 to 1933, chairman of the largely white-collar AfA-Bund.

Aufhäuser joined the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) in 1912; after a brief period in the USPD (Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany), he served as an SPD Reichstag deputy from 1921 to 1933. Arrested several times in 1933, he emigrated the same year. Until 1935 he belonged to the executive committee of the SPD-in-exile, then strongly rejected the party's reformist course, viewing resistance to Hitler from a standpoint of class struggle. After 1939, Aufhäuser lived in New York City as a journalist. In 1951 he returned to Germany, where he was chairman of the German Salaried Employees' Union (). Provided by Wikipedia
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Parteipolit. Neutralität ; Religiöse Gewissensfreiheit ; Faschismus und Kapitalismus ; Vortrag
Year: 1924
Publisher: Industriebeamten-Verl. (Berlin)
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[vorgelegt dem 7. Gewerkschaftstag der DAG]
Year: 1960
Publisher: DAG (Hamburg)
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Eine wachsende und dynamische Leistungsschicht in Wirtschaft und Verwaltung
Year: 1963
Publisher: Westliche Berliner Verl.-Ges. Hennemann (Berlin-Wilmersdorf)
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Vortrag auf dem außerordentlichen Verbandstag am 12. Januar 1952 in Berlin
Year: 1952
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Year: 1918, 4., verm. u. verb. Aufl.
Publisher: Verl. für Sozialwiss. (Berlin)
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