Austrian Trade Union Federation

The Austrian Trade Union Federation or Austrian Federation of Trade Unions (de: ''Österreichischer Gewerkschaftsbund'', abbreviated OeGB or ÖGB) is a labour union of employees. It is constituted as an association and is subdivided into seven smaller affiliated trade unions. Each union is traditionally dominated by a certain political faction, with the strongest faction in the ÖGB as a whole traditionally being the social democratic one, which is known for its close contacts to Austria's Social Democratic Party (SPÖ); in fact, chairmen of the ÖGB have often also been influential SPÖ members. Provided by Wikipedia
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Dieses Skriptum ist für die Verwendung im Rahmen der Bildungsarbeit des österreichischen Gewerkschaftsbundes, der Gewerkschaften und der Kammern für Arbeiter und Angestellte bestimmt.
Year: 2015
Publisher: Verlag des ÖGB (Wien)
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Bericht und Anträge
Year: 1989-1999, 1989 - 1999 nachgewiesen
Publisher: ÖGB (Wien)
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