Austrian Federal Sports Organization

The Austrian Federal Sports Organization (, BSO) is the Austrian Federal Government department responsible for the promotion of sports. It administers the means of promoting elite-level sports, and distributes these to its members.

It generally consists of two kinds of members: * Professional associations - those are the country wide unions of individual sport associations of a kind of sport * Governing bodies - those are the sports organizations of the individual political parties Provided by Wikipedia
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österreichisches Sportjahrbuch
Year: anfangs, 1970/71-1971/72, 1972/73, 1973/74-1982/83, teils, 1968-2010, 1968; 1969/70(1970) - 1970/71(1971); 1971/72 - 2009/10
Publisher: Österr. Bundesverl. für Unterricht, Wissenschaft u. Kultur, Hollinek, Styria, Trauner, Bohmann, Bauer (Wien)
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