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Involved: Ashcroft, Ross
Year: [2014]
Publisher: Janson Media (Tapan, NY)
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Year: 1998
Publisher: [Margarita Woskanian Filmproduktion] ([Berlin])
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Year: 2003
Publisher: BBC Worldwide ([London])
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Der deutsche Kleinbürger muss seinen Platz in der neuen Gesellschaft finden; Die Zukunft gehört dem Sozialismus; Mehr Traktoren - mehr Brot
Year: 2006
Publisher: ICESTORM Entertainment (Berlin)
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From the Philipines!
Involved: Tahimik, Kidlat
Year: ©2005
Publisher: Flower Films (El Cerrito,CA)
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10 Filme
Volume 5 from Mike Leigh at the BBC
Year: ©2009
Publisher: BBC Worldwide (London)
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Un voyage au coeur de la classe ouvrière
Involved: Le Roux, Hervé
Year: ©2008
Publisher: Éd. Montparnasse ([Paris])
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Year: 2007
Publisher: Alamode Film (Wien)
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Year: © 2008
Publisher: Good! movies, Piffl Medien (Berlin)
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Year: ©2001
Publisher: Untiled 01 Limited [u.a.] ([S.l.])
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Volume 2 from Le cinéma de Rithy Panh
Involved: Rithy Panh
Year: [2008]
Publisher: Éd. Montparnasse (Paris)
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Involved: Greenfield, Lauren
Year: ©2012
Publisher: Magnolia Home Entertainment ([s.l])
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= Arena squatted = Arena squattée
Year: © 2007
Publisher: Ruth Beckermann-Filmproduktion (Wien)
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= Der Unverzagte = La doublure
Year: ©2014
Publisher: Trigon-Film (Ennetbaden)
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Involved: Doublet, Ariane
Year: [2012]
Publisher: édition montparnasse (Paris)
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