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Year: 2010
Publisher: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (München)
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Volume 858 from Stummfilm Edition
Year: [ca. 2006]
Publisher: Absolut Medien (Berlin)
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Involved: Lacoste, Paul
Year: ©2014
Publisher: Everybody on the Deck (Paris)
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Gesprächsprotokolle mit Zeitzeugen
Year: ©2012
Publisher: Universitätsverlag Brockmeyer (Bochum)
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Ein Rebell und sein Mikrofon
Involved: Moore, Michael
Year: ℗1989, ©2003
Publisher: Warner Home Video ([S.l.])
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Year: © 2006
Publisher: Icestorm-Entertainment ([Berlin])
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Year: © 2010
Publisher: Good! movies ([Berlin])
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[13 Filme]
Volume 1, DVD from Ken Loach at the BBC
Year: ©2011
Publisher: BBC Worldwide ([London])
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Volume 1 from Edition deutscher Film
Year: © 2009
Publisher: Kinowelt Film Entertainment (Leipzig)
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Mineros en Bolivia = Every day is night = Alle Tage ist Nacht = Todos los dias la noche
Involved: Wicky, Jean-Claude
Year: ©2013
Publisher: Jean-Claude Wicky (Moutier)
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= The altruiste revolution
Year: [2016]
Publisher: mindjazz pictures (Köln)
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An AMBER film
Year: ©1985
Publisher: Amber Films (Newcastle-upon-Tynes)
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= Salz ist mein Name = Mon nom est sel
Year: ©2015
Publisher: Trigon-Film ([s.l])
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Year: © 2012
Publisher: Universal Pictures ([S.l.])
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