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Year: © 2007
Publisher: Sogepaq (Madrid)
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Main Street took the fall ; Main Street got the check ; the true story behind the 2008 economic crisis
Year: 2012
Publisher: HBO Home Entertainment (Burbank, CA)
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When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose
Year: [2006]
Publisher: Lions Gate Entertainment (Santa Monica, Calif.)
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Year: ©1999
Publisher: Studio Canal ([s.l.])
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Dies ist eine wahre Geschichte
Year: [2016]
Publisher: Paramount Pictures ([New York])
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Year: © 2012
Publisher: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment (Frankfurt / Main)
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= El invierno de Pablo
Year: ©2012
Publisher: Opafilms ([s.l.])
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Year: 2010
Publisher: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (München)
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Mineros en Bolivia = Every day is night = Alle Tage ist Nacht = Todos los dias la noche
Involved: Wicky, Jean-Claude
Year: ©2013
Publisher: Jean-Claude Wicky (Moutier)
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Eine Frau steht ihren Mann
Year: ©2003
Publisher: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Deutschland (Frankfurt, Main)
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Year: ©2009
Publisher: Riderfilms ([S.l.])
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Year: © 2003
Publisher: Manga Films (Barcelona)
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Year: ©2005
Publisher: First run features (New York)
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Ein Hurenfilm
Volume 57 from Edition Filmladen
Involved: Glawogger, Michael
Year: 2012
Publisher: Falter (Wien)
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Eine Hausarbeiterin ohne Papiere zieht vors Arbeitsgericht ; Kurzfassung = Con una sonrisa en los labios : empleada del hogar sin papeles ileva su caso al juzgado laboral
Involved: Frisius, Anne
Year: ©2008
Publisher: Kiezfilm (Berlin [u.a.])
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Occupy, resist, produce
Year: © 2004
Publisher: First Run / Icarus Films ([S.l.])
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